Planetary Allignments

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Planetary Allignments

Post by DM SoulToast on Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:47 pm

Planets and their current status

World-------------------Allegiance---------------Status Towards Factions

Bakura----------------Empire----------------Lightly defended with a Rebellion lean

Bastion---------------Empire----------------A heavily fortified world no members of the New Republic should really be here at all.

Bespin-----------------Empire---------------Neutral Tibanna mining facility, minor presense from Imperials, secret presense from Rebellion

Corellia---------------Empire----------------Heavy Imperial loyalty in Government, heavy Rebellion leaning of populace

Coruscant (upper)---------Empire----------Not safe for members of the Rebel Alliance, should be very difficult for any wanted person to get here and hope to get out of the system.

Coruscant (Grid 19)--------Empire----------

Coruscant (Black Pit Slums)-------No Allegiance-------No one is safe in the Slums, the Empire cares nothing for this section of coruscant so far below the skies.

Csilla-------------Neutral----------Safe for all.

Dagobah----------Neutral/Wild----------------There's no one that controls this system.

Dantooine---------Empire--------------------Minor Imperial presense due to its old status as a Jedi Academy world, far enough from the Core Systems it has become a major hub of Rebel activity however, populace has a heavy Rebel leaning

Dathomir-----------Neutral-------------------Territory of the Witches. Nature and the beasts the witches love so much are the real problems here

Dxun---------------Neutral-------------------A wild jungle with small amounts of taming, this planet is key to the Mandalorians. Imperials and Rebels should not feel real safe here, though they may not immediately see resistance unless the mandos are threatened

Endor---------------Empire------------------Though having little strategic value, its remoteness has created enough reason for the Empire to set up a base

Hoth----------------Wild Planet/Rebel-----------Better known as a planet of last resort for pirate and smugglers, the system has no official population and is therefor not aligned, though a Rebel base on the planet begs to differ

Kashyyyk-----------Empire-------------------Officially one of the Empire's conquered worlds. The Wookiees put up fierce resistance whenever any Slaver party shows up, and heavily support the Rebellion

Korriban-------------Sith---------------Home to the origins of the Sith Order, it is currently under their rule, this is no place for Jedi.

Mustafar--------------Empire-------------------Despite being considered an Imperial world, many old Droid Factories remain hidden in its depths, causing great problems for the Imperila mining operation that has moved on-world

Naboo-----------------Empire-------------------After a recent "Liberation" the Royal Council has elected an Imperial Moff to rule in place of the Queen-in-Exile, who has thrown her lot in with the newly formed Rebellion

Nal Hutta--------------Neutral------------------Controlled by the Hutts. Anyone would be relatively safe here.

Nar Shaddaa-----------Neutral----------------Also controlled by the Hutts, but also a major place of importance and home to a completely neutral Medical Facility. Nar Shaddaa is also home to a large community of smugglers. Anyone would find themselves relatively safe here, if they don't mind being surrounded by the scum of the galaxy.

Nova Rylos-----------Neutral----------------Far enough in the Outer Rim, the new homeworld of the Dracling people has mostly escaped notice by the Empire. Through beuracracy or pure luck the Empire has decided to allow the people to live, despite their earlier rebellion on Ryloth. Officially Nova Rylos has no allegience other than to itself, unofficially there has been a large militia of Dracling Rebels. Imperials are likely not very welcome

Prakith-----------Empire----------------A Heavily fortified Imperial fortress world, on a tectonically unstable planet. Home to a large Imperial Fortress (hence its statis as a fortress world), and one of the most important Inquisitorius Temples, as well as various mining operations. Nigh impossible and very stupid for Rebels to go here

Ryloth----------------Empire-----------------After the minor Rebellion of the Draclings living on the Bright Side of the planet, the Empire established complete control over the system. While officially denouncing Twi'lek slavery, they do nothing to stop it. Population has a Rebel leaning

Serenno-------------Neutral------------------This world is a base of operations for the Bounty Hunter's Guild. Members of the Empire would have difficulty being here, but not entirely impossible, though security is stronger by the palace. Managed to maintain independence due to a hefty price paid to the newly formed Empire. The Serenno Bounty Hunter Guild is not above taking illegal contracts, Rebels beware.

Taris---------------Empire----------------------Heavily Imperial controlled and difficult for any member of the Rebellion or wanted person to get down on to. Second only to Bastion in terms of defenses

Tatooine------------Neutral-----------------Controlled by the Hutts and crimelords of the galaxy, the Empire paid substantially for control of the Mos Eisley spaceport, while a faction of Rebels controls another city on the planet. The Hutts do not allow any major fighting

Yavin IV------------Wild Planet/Rebel--------------------Nature rules this world, and holds a place of importance for the Rebellion and Jedi Order. Anyone would be relatively safe here.

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