Angencies, Corporations, and Organizations

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Angencies, Corporations, and Organizations

Post by DM SoulToast on Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:36 pm

Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS)
This galactic agency is responsible for assigning and tracking extensive information on starship registrations and transponder codes, captains' flight certification, and upgraded weapons loadouts on all ships in the galaxy. It also keeps track of astrographical and navigational information as well as data on hyperspace routes used in nav computers. The bureau's databases are continuously updated and transmitted to starports, systems, and enforcement agencies throughout the galaxy.

BoSS has been the keeper of starship information since time began (or so it seems). The agency fields offices in most major spaceports and its unique structure and neutrality, complete with its own customs, traditions, and unique personality, allows it to operate across political borders and through the transition of major galactic powers. It's not really a bureau attached to any government or other institutions like other bureaus, it does not owe loyalty to anyone.

Imperial Bureau of Personal Security (IBPS)
A division of Imperial Intelligence and also called Personal Security, IBPS is responsible for the assigning and tracking of personal identification for every individual in the galaxy. They record criminal and employment history, background information, and much more. To keep track of all this information and confirm personal identity of individuals, they hand out unique identification cards, or ID cards to everyone.

Imperial security personal, agencies, and other organizations often require the scanning of the individual's ID card to confirm identity in order to gain access to whatever services they offer. Upon the scanning of an ID card, personal may request additional information not already printed into the card from the IBPS databases for the individual and act accordingly.

Imperial Security Bureau (ISB)
A part of COMPNOR, and also called Imperial Security, they are a key security organization of the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine. Based in the massive ISB Central Office on Imperial Center, it's separate from, larger than, and often rival to Imperial Intelligence. Nicknamed "birdwatchers" by Rebel Alliance SpecOps, ISB agents' vigilance focuses on both internal and external threats. In addition to operating as a standard intelligence agency, the ISB is charged with maintaining morale and loyalty among members of the Imperial Military.

The ISB stations moles among the officers of all capital ships in the Imperial Navy; their duty is to report on any possibly treasonous activities or sentiments present among others of the ship's crew (especially the commander), and to execute them if they acted upon them. The ISB serves more of a police function than Imperial Intelligence, with a more public presence; ISB operatives are not afraid of identifying themselves. The ISB is also responsible for wiping out any memories of the Jedi Order.

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Re: Angencies, Corporations, and Organizations

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Major Manufacturing Companies
Bespin Motors
Widely recognized as the galaxy's leading manufacturer of cloud cars, Bespin Motors was originally a subsidiary of Incom Corporation. The company was founded specifically to create Cloud City, the massive mining facility suspended in the atmosphere above Bespin. When it became apparent that the Empire would nationalize Incom, Bespin executives arranged a buyout of Bespin Motors, which then broke away from its parent company. With Bespin Motors autonomous, the company began research and development of the high altitude cloud cars.
* Cloud Car

Corellian Engineering Corporation
Possibly the most prolific and widely known starship manufacturing company in the galaxy, Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) has built its reputation on fast, durable, and easily modified commercial vehicles. Unlike its two primary competitors, Kuat Drives and Sienar Fleet Systems, CEC has long relied on civillian sales rather than military contracts. Among its most successful civillian products has been its modular freighters, which can be upgraded for combat duty using both legal and illegal modification kits. The company's freighters range from the YG series to the YT and VCX. CEC also produces reliable long-distance starships such as the Republic Cruiser, light warships like the Corellian Corvette (aka Rebel Blockade Runner), and even escape pods.
CEC's success may be related to its location: the company's orbital shipyards are based in the Corellian system, whose worlds produce an usually high number of skilled starship engineers and designers.
*YV 666
*YT 1300
*YT 2400
*Corellian Corvette (rebel blockade runner)
*Republic Cruiser
*Action VI Transport

Cygnus Spaceworks
One of several companies tied to the Empire, Cygnus Spaceworks is a relatively small manufacturer of military starships. The coporation relies on a strong connection to Seinar Fleet Systems (SFS), which has provided Cygnus with numerous components and subcontracts, and funding from the Imperial Navy. About half of Cygnus's designs are simply modifications to existing vehicles, as is the case with the Sentinel-class lnading craft, which is a variation of the SFS Lambda-class shuttle. The rest of the Cygnus line exemplifies the other extreme: cutting-edge vehicles such as the Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing assualt gun-boat used by the Imperial Navy.
*Imperial Landing Craft (with SFS)
*Alpha Class Xg-1 Star Wing Assault Gunboat

Gallofree Yards, Inc.
Another casualty of the fiercely competitive starship market, Gallofree Yards, Inc., was a smaller company that produced transports and freighters. Not nearly as innovative as Incom or as reliable as CEC, Gallofree Yards eventually suffered bankruptcy and vanished shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Howerver, many of the company's starships remained in active use as part of the Rebel Alliance's fleet.
*Rebel Transport

Incom Corporation
Established several mellennia before the rise of the Empire, Incom was high-profile manufacturer of starships and personal transports, successful with both civillian craft, such as the T-16 skyhopper, and starfighters like the Z-95 Headhunter. During the early days of the Empire, when many starship companies were rallying around the Emporer, the fiercely independant Incom attempted to remain neutral. Meanwhile, the Empire imposed greater controls on non-Imperial starship designers. Frustrated with the oppressive Imperial controls, several leading Incom engineers fled to the Rebellion, taking with them all designs for the state of the art T-65 X-wing starfighter. As a direct reaction to this defection, Palpatine personally nationalized Incom. The company quickly faded in prominence, creating only a handful of new craft and instead focusing on modifications and limited-run specialty vehicles for the Imperial Navy.
*T-16 Skyhopper
*T-47 Snowspeeder
*Z-95 Headhunter (with Subpro Corporation)

Koensayr executives enjoy reminding the galaxy that nearly one-fifth of all starships in operation have been touched by the corporation. In fact, Koensayr produces remarkable component technologies, including advanced weapons, powerful engine systems, a wide range of shields, and versatile sensor suites. For the record, Koensayr is also responsible for its own vehicles, including the Y-wing starfighter favored by the Rebel Alliance, and the Sigma-class shuttle.

Kuat Drive Yards

Kuat Systems Engineering

One of the companies that attempted to capitalize on the exciting reputation of the Mandalorian Warriors, MandalMotors was allegedly founded by a retired Mandalorian officer. Though this story can be neither confirmed nor denied, MandalMotors has established itself as a leading designer of military starships. During the Clone Wars MandalMotors was accused of supporting a 'mercenary mentality' because the company supplied weapons and vehicles to both the Republic and Confederacy. Under the Emporer's control, MandalMotors was blacklisted until the company agreed to install Imperial 'advisers' on its executive boards.
*StarViper-Class Attack Platform

Nubian Design Collective
The Nubian Design Collective (NDC) is a loose coalition of designers, engineers, and laborers who colonized the planet Nubia 300 years before the Battle of naboo. The Nubian Collective is actually composed of numerous spacefaring species, including humans, Bith, Zabrak, and Sullustans. After claiming Nubia as its own, the collective began accepting small contracts from wealthy clients, including the Naboo. The Nubians produced much of the technology used for the Naboo N-1 starfighter and the Queen's Royal Starship.
At the time of the Battle of Naboo, Nubian techonology was used throughout the galaxy and could be easily acquired on most Republic worlds. Went the Empire rose to power, the collective went underground in order to keep its more experimental designs out of Imperial hands. The company continues to produce innovative technology waiting for better times to resurface itself.
*Scurrg H-6 Bomber
*Naboo Cruiser
*Naboo Royal Starship

Rendili StarDrive
Although not nearly as well known as Kuat Drive Yards, Rendili StarDrive was no less important to the rise of the Empire. When the Old Republic sought larger versions of its military assault ships, Kuat Drive Yards contracted Rendili StarDrive to manufacture the first Victory-Class Star Destroyers, which set the standard for all Imperial starships to come. Rendili StarDrive was founded alongside the Old Republic, but enjoyed its greatest success shortly after the rise of the Empire. Aside from the Victory Star Destroyer, the company produced the Dreadnaught heavy cruiser and the Mandalorian dungeon ships. Although the Empire made constant use of the Victory Star Destroyers, Rendili did not receive any notable military contracts during the Galactic Civil War, and remains underutilized.
*Victory-Class Star Destroyer

Santhe/Sienar Technologies

Slayn & Korpil
One of the Rebel Alliance's greatest strengths was its ability to attract valuable allies in the fight agains the Empire. Like the Mon Calamari and defecting Incom engineers, Slayn & Korpil falls into this category. A Verpine hive colony located in the Roche asteroid field, Slayn & Korpil joined forces with the Rebel Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin. With the aid of then-commander Ackbar, Slayn & Korpil designers conceived the B-wing one of the Alliance's most heavily armed starfighters. The B-wing is a major component of the Rebel starfighter fleet, and will be an integral factor in the Alliance's success or failure.


Subpro Corporation
A fairly large starship manufacturer based in the Inner Rim, Subpro is responsible for the Z-95 Headhunter, among other starships. Unfortunately buyers in the Core Worlds often consider Subpro's vehicles to be of lesser quality simply because they are manufactured far from the center of the galaxy. More knowledgeable pilots recognize that Subpro produces superior vehicles, usually for far fewer credits than its competitors. As a result, Subpro craft are a common sight in the Outer Rim, where they are used by enterprising merchants, smugglers, and others who know a good value when they see it.
*Z-95 Headhunter (with Incom Corporation)

Trilon, Inc.
While Corellian Engineering Corporation and other large companies develop starships from scratch, smaller specialty manufacturers, like Trilon, Inc., find greater success in reusing existing techonologies. Trilon, Inc., purchases nearly all of its vehicle systems, including weapons and engines, from larger companies such as Kuat Drive Yards, which allows Trilon to assemble starships using the best possible components and create vehicles exactly to a buyer's specifications. Most of Trilon's starships are generic transports, but the company also created the IG-2000, an assault starfighter used by droid bounty hunter IG-88.
*Aggressor Assault Fighter

Ubrikkian is an established manufacturer that has gained a foothold in the repulsorlift market. The company produces sail barges, civillian and combat landspeeders, cloud cars, speeder bikes, and skiffs. Ubrikkian also developed the HAVr A9 floating fortress, a repulsorlift weapons platform used by the Empire.
*Desert Skiff
*Sail Barge

Species Based Manufacturers
The Chiss are a species of blue-skinned humanoids well known for their self-control and intelligence; these traints have translated into a series of well-designed and innovative starships. In order to travel through hyperspace, Chiss starships rely on a series of navigational anchor points that spread out from their homworld of Csilla. This system alllowed the Chiss to explore the galaxy methodically, but kept them from encountering other cultures until early in the Emporer's reign. After a Chiss named Thrawn made contact with the Empire, the species began producing hybrid starfighters, such as the Chiss clawcraft, that combined Imperial and Chiss technologies. Due to the secrecy with which the Chiss cloak their internal affairs, outsiders know very little about individual Chiss manufacturers.
*Chiss Clawcraft

Mon Calamari
The Mon Calamari is an amphibious species native to a world of the same name. The species is known for its ability to engineer some of the most impressive starships in the galaxy. Mon Cal vessels are handcrafted, ensuring that each starship is unique, although all Mon Cal vehicles share an organic appearance marked by curves and domes.
The First Mon Cal starships were designed for exploration and long-distance travel. After encountering Imperial hostility, the Mon Cal began designing new combat-ready vessels, complete with heavy armor and multiple large weapons emplacements. They also converted most of their surviving fleet into battle cruisers. The Mon Cal warships remained in orbit around Mon Calamari until Admiral Ackbar joined the Alliance and convinced his people to aid the Rebel cause. The Mon Cal donated their existing starships to the war against the Empire, and constructed advanced orbital ship-yards above their homeworld to design and produce new vessels.
*Mon Cal Cruiser

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