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Player Housing

Post by DM SoulToast on Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:38 pm

It is quite possible to make/buy your own home on the server. The following is a list of sizes and costs for a 'type' of home. Look it over, you must either make the home yourself, or get someone willing to aid you. There are some homes already in existance in the server too that can be bought as they are. A smaller house will always be better than a large one...a few reasons why. One, less lag. Two, you often only use a couple rooms, so to make a whole ton of them is pointless and will often leave you with a ton of wasted space you never make use of.

1 Story House (6x6) - costs 1 million
2 Story House (6x6) - costs 5 million
3 Story House (6x6) - costs 20 million
4 Story Manstion (8x8) - costs 50 million
Single Area Base (12x12 max) - costs 60 million
Additional Addon: Basement - 1 million

We have a limited number of townhomes, apartments, and ship existing that can be bought and owned by players. This requires no waiting, building, or searching for anyone to make it for you, but isn't as personalized. Still for those looking for a home or ship, they are available. Here is a list of them, and their costs.

Homes For Sale:

Coruscant Vertigo Condiminium - Condo 21 = 150,000 credits - Vacant

Nar Shaddaa Apartment 1 = 150,000 credits - Vacant

Korriban Lair = Vacant

Apartments in the Serenno Apartment Complex each cost 150,000 credits
Apartment 1 - Vacant
Apartment 2 - Vacant
Apartment 3 - Vacant
Apartment 4 - Vacant
Apartment 5 - vacant
Apartment 6 - Vacant

The Townhomes in Serenn
Townhome 1 - vacant cost = 2 million credits
Townhome 2 - vacant cost = 2 million credits
Townhome 3 - vacant cost = 2 million credits
Townhome 4 - vacant = 2 million credits

Any dm can sell you these places, the keys for them are located inside in the safe, footlocker, or personnel files. Just add a player's name in place of the vacant spot when you 'sell' it.

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