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Post by DM SoulToast on Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:46 pm

Anyone that wishes to have some kind of custom character, special character, what have you. Send a PM to me on the boards with a bio/concept of your character. IF me and the other DMs like it then we'll let you make it.

Here's some things
You'll still start out as level 5, and have to level your way up. The concept can be used for several things: Special races that otherwise wouldn't be made (Sith Pureblood for instance), entry to a faction immediately (though still at the low level as a level 5), Renegade Sith, Gray Jedi, etc etc.

Basicaly anything you can think of that's cool that couldn't be made normally send a Bio and a PM. Make sure it's good! Because we'll be judging it, and again if we like it you can get it, if we don't like it quit wasting our time! Or we'll send a PM back saying to spruce it up or what we didn't like.

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